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Special Olympics GDSA Fun Day a Success

(This is a short version of a full article, found at NOW Grenada.) The third annual Special Olympics Fun Day, organised by the Jason Roberts Foundation and Grenada Downs Syndrome Association (GDSA), in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development, has been deemed a great success since organiser are happy with the turn out of the event, which caters to special needs students on Grenada. "Well of course we have Down syndromes students; we have hearing impaired students, visually impaired, some children have cerebral palsy; cognitive impairments are also here." says Dr. Tonya Hyacinth Co-Director at GDSA

"The GDSA is only 3 years old and we are very proud of the fact, that we've made these strides, to put together an event like this" says Dr. Beverly Nelson, Co-Director at GDSA

Students at play

This year the event incorporated both special needs students and non-special needs students, to demonstrate that there are more similarities than differences to be celebrated. Can Menai Davis, a member of the Jason Roberts Foundation, said "The project is Grenadian, run by Grenadians, for Grenadians, and that is the biggest thing. The strategy is to develop employment opportunities, awareness opportunities, volunteer opportunities, and that is the key to the whole project."

Despite a bit of inclement weather, approximately 80 SGU students showed up and there was increased participation among students and parents, compared to 2016. Along with the various volunteers students engaged in activities geared at allowing them to socialize, exercise and most of all have fun. Activities included face painting, colouring and drawing, football, blowing of bubbles, yoga and sensory activities, where students played with various textured substances and materials.

Educaters were delighted with the level of engagement among their students, and parents were impressed with the quality of the activity and the impact on their children.

"I think the activity gives us parents ideas, you know, of things we can do to really help our children develop in certain situations." said parent Veronica Mapp-Alexander
"I've been to it 2 years now, I come here, and I enjoy the football and the golf and everything" says student

GDSA is grateful for the continued support from sponsors and volunteers, who make this event a reality. Among the sponsors are SGU´s and their Student Government Organisation, Waggy T Car Rentals, Sugar and Spice, Huggins, Independence Agency Limited, Grenada Breweries Limited, Aqua Blue, CK´s SuperValue and Republic Bank.

"This event cannot happen without them so we really want to really acknowledge them and thank them!" said Dr. Martha Lanza, Director of GDSA.

Read the full Storie at NOW Grenada

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